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MNA Stethoscope – APRIL ISSUE

Monthly Archives: March 2021

Don’t forget to Spring forward!

How to adjust to daylight savings time?

Daylight savings is Sunday, March 14th. Here are a few tips on how you can adjust to the time change:

1. Start getting to bed earlier.

You can ease your body into the time change by starting your nighttime routine 15 minutes earlier in the days leading up to the start of daylight saving time. This is important for nurses on day shift, luckily for night shift nurses – they get to go home an hour earlier.

2. Be consistent with your schedule.

Wake up at the same time each morning to keep your sleep cycle more regular. This means even on weekends! Although sleeping in can help you feel more rested in the short-term, it causes difficulties falling asleep and waking up during the week. In fact, getting out of bed at the same time every morning is the single best way to improve sleep and wake functioning.

3. Enjoy the longer evenings.

One great perk about spring and daylight saving time is that there is more sunlight in the evenings. Enjoy the natural lighting outside or indoors with your curtains open. Sunlight helps naturally reset your body clock. Letting natural light come into your bedroom in the morning also aids in greater alertness upon awakening.


We hope some of these tips help and you are more prepared to spring forward this weekend!