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Travel Nurse State
Licensure Application Process

Travel nursing assignments require a valid license in the state where the facility is located. For professionals interested in practicing in multiple states through a travel program, this may seem a bit daunting. However, MNA’s experienced Credentialing Specialists have been able to guide nurses quickly and efficiently in the application process, regardless of where they want to work.

There is an agreement between states called the Enhanced Nursing Licensure Compact (eNLC). The eNLC allows nurses to have one license, but the ability to practice in any of the other states that are part of the agreement. This is effectively a multi-state license that makes nurses eligible to practice in both their home state, and all other compact states. There are currently 32 states listed as compact licensure states. In order to participate in compact licensure, your current license must be issued by a compact state; once you apply for multi-state privileges, you will be able to work in any of the participating states.

Our Placement Specialists can further guide you through the licensure process and can offer helpful information such as which states are walk-through states, and the licensing application process.

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States that Offer PT-Compact Licenses?

In 2017, the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy successfully enacted the PT Compact, a project to develop an interstate licensure compact for physical therapists to reduce interstate regulatory barriers and allow cross-state practice. This created a way for physical therapists (PT) and physical therapist assistants (PTA) to practice or work in multiple states. The PT Compact Commission governs the member states in order to implement the provisions of the PT Compact. As the PT Compact becomes more acceptable in different states, it will reduce the need for a PT or PTA to maintain an active license in every state in which they practice. Every state jurisdiction has the right to regulate healthcare professionals in the way in which it believes will best serve its residents. Prior to the compact, every PT and PTA who wanted to practice in more than one state had to fill out extensive application forms, send in transcripts and additional background information, as well as submit to a criminal background check and take relevant examinations. The number of states participating in the PT Compact fluctuates as state legislation is proposed and enacted. There are four levels of participation: (1) states that have actively issued and accept compact privileges; (2) those who have enacted legislation, but it has not passed; (3) those in which legislation was introduced and (4) states without any legislation introduced. Member states in the PT Compact include Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington.

Reciprocity Information for CNAs
Application Forms

Free Reciprocity States

(Reciprocity facility gets you on the registry)





(Can work 4 months not on registry)




New Mexico






Application Forms

Fees Apply

Alaska                                                $330.00
(Can work 120 days
Must have app in process)

California                                                   n/a
(Fingerprint Fees Vary
+ must go to CA for LiveScan)

Delaware                                             $30.00

District of Columbia                           $15.00

Hawaii                                                  $25.00

Illinois                                                   $25.00

Indiana                                                 $65.00
(Exam must be taken)

Kansas                                                 $20.00

Louisiana                                             $35.00

Maryland                                              $20.00
(+ Fingerprint Fees)

Michigan                                              $20.00


Nebraska                                             $20.00
(Abuse Class Online)

NE Abuse Class                                       n/a

Nevada                                                    $50
(+ Fingerprinting Fees)

Nevada                                                     n/a
(State of Emergency
Waiver Form Only)

New Jersey                                          $30.00

New York                                             $50.00

North Carolina                                           n/a
(Fees are waved due to Covid 19)

Rhode Island                                        $35.00


Utah                                                      $50.00

Washington                                          $85.00
(+ Fingerprints)

Mississippi                                            $26.00


Online Application Forms

Application Fees Apply

Arizona                                                $50.00

Arkansas                                             $22.00

Colorado                                             $50.00

Connecticut                                         $55.00

Florida                                                      n/a
(Fingerprint Fees Varies)

Montana                                                    n/a
(Can work temp for 30 days)

New Hampshire                                  $82.00

North Dakota                                            n/a

Pennsylvania                                            n/a

South Carolina                                           n/a

South Dakota                                             n/a
(Can work 60 days
while app in process)

Tennessee                                            $20.00

Vermont                                                $20.00

Virginia                                                 $25.00

West Virginia                                              n/a

Oregon                                                 $60.00
Oregon Fingerprint Application        $64.50

Wyoming                                            $120.00

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Why MNA?





Why MNA?





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