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Have a question…. Answers to your questions

Becoming a traveling healthcare professional is an exciting change… and naturally you may have some questions.  Here are some of the most common questions we hear and our responses.  If you have additional questions call us today at (844) 812-0776. Your MNA Placement Specialist is there for you 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to our nurses’ most frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, please send us an email or call us at (844) 812-0776 and ask for a MNA Placement Specialist.

Can you keep me working as a travel healthcare professional?

Yes! Some facilities hate to see you go so they will try to keep you and extend your contracts as many time as you both feel is necessary.  If you plan ahead and are fairly flexible, we can keep you working as much or as little as you’d like.  This is why it is important that you and your Placement Specialist worked well together so you can always be assured that you are our first priority.

What is the process for me getting paid?

You’re considered an employee of MNA Healthcare on all assignments unless it is a Permanent Placement, and you’ll receive your paycheck via direct deposit into the bank account of your choice every week. We will send you a W-2 at the end of each year.

What should I expect when I get to the facility?

All orientation depends on many things.  Your experience, the facility and their orientation schedule and so forth.  Your first day or few days will consist of orientation. You will then begin working the shift that you and the hospital agreed upon during your phone interview.  In the placement of a Travel Healthcare Professional you will see an orientation that is a lot less due to you will be needed to hit the floor running with minimal orientation because of the urgent need of the travel healthcare professional.  That is why you are required to have a least two years experience.  Orientation varies from one facility to another.

How do I get to my new assignment?

Most of our travelers drive while a few choose to fly. We recommend you drive due to you will need transportation while on assignment.  You will have an allowance per assignment for travel to and from your assignments permanent address.  MNA Healthcare will reimburse you for your travel expenses getting to your assignment depending on the miles from your permanent address.

Do I have to sign an annual contract?

There are no annual contracts with our healthcare professionals. You decide when and where to travel!

Can I bring my family and/or pets when I travel?

Of course! Many people travel with family and pets. It’s a great opportunity to explore the country together. If you are traveling with pets, you may incur additional housing fees, such as pet and cleaning deposits. We’ll work with you to make sure we secure housing that accommodates any traveling companion.

How do I find housing on assignment?

We want you to feel comfortable and safe when you travel with us. We find and assist in your search for high quality housing as well as the utilities that will be needed on your assignment. Your subsidy amount will be taken into consideration and our housing/accommodation department will assist you in making your arrangements. Your housing subsidy is a benefit that can assist you in making additional money on a monthly basis depending on your choices of arrangements. We make this process Easy and Affordable with a staff that has worked in this industry for over 20 years. You will receive the full benefit of your housing subsidy while a MNA Housing Specialist helps you through every step of setting up your new living space.

What do I need to know about licensing?

For Nursing as well as Allied Healthcare: Licensing requirements vary from state to state.

Nurses:  Some states are members of the Nurse Licensure Compact, so your current license may be a sufficient credential. Other states offer a temporary license that is valid for up to one year. The process of getting a temporary license varies with each state, also. Some states are “walk through” states and only require 7-12 days to process your request, while others may take up to 3 months. We will not only assist you in obtaining your temporary license, but we will also pay your license fee and associated costs.

What happens during an interview after the Facilities have reviewed my information?

The goal of the interview is to make sure the assignment is a good fit for both you and the Facility. Communication is extremely important at this point.  We must be able to get a hold of you at all times when setting interviews.  Phone interviews may last from 5 to 30 minutes. We encourage nurses to write down a list of questions, go over them with your Placement Specialist and have a strategy when interviewing on the phone. If you are unsure what questions to ask, your Placement Specialist can provide you with a list of important questions.

What happens when I fill out an application?

After you apply, your personal Placement Specialist will contact you to confirm your information. Once we’ve talked with you and learned more about what you’re looking for, we’ll begin looking for travel nursing jobs that best fit your specific needs. Then we will go over different opportunities that you are interested in which fits your background.  We will then present your completed application and profile to hospitals you’re interested.

If the hospital wants to go ahead with an interview, they will contact you directly most of the time.  Sometimes they will ask us to coordinate your schedule for the interview. If at any time a hospital or travel assignment doesn’t feel like a good fit, you should let your Placement Specialists know it is not a good fit and the reasons why so we can correct our search. We’ll keep looking until we find the perfect match.  Our systems will also take your information and skills checklist and will automatically notify you when jobs you may be interested in become available.

What do I need to do to get started?

It is easy! Just fill out our quick application online or call us to speak with a Placement Specialist who can help you. Once we receive your completed application or resume, we’ll contact you to confirm your information and begin searching for career opportunities that fit your needs and experience.

What are the requirements to work with MNA Healthcare?

In general, the hospitals we work with require our Healthcare Professionals to have a minimum of 1-2 years’ recent acute care experience in the specialty in which they wish to work. You’ll also need to provide references and documentation of licenses and certifications including school transcripts.