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Things to Know When Traveling In the South

Sometimes the South feels like its own little country.   Take North Carolina as an example where you can spend Summers scraping clay off the sides of a creek to make pretend pottery and catching lightning bugs in mason jars when the sweltering sun finally sets.

Some of the unique things about the South stand out even more when your not from there. As a Traveling Therapist you get to experience all walks of life.  In the South there are all of these strangers talking to me at the grocery store? You really expect me to say yes ma’am and yes sir? And for the love of god, WHY IS IT SO HUMID? Here are some things – good, bad, and sometimes just plain weird – that only true Southerners can relate to.

    1. You understand the peace and serenity that only the rustling branches of a Weeping Willow can bring.
    2. You know the feeling of peeling your sticky skin bit by bit from the boiling leather seats of a car in July.
    3. You know, with absolute certainty, that anything can be fried, eaten, and enjoyed.
    4. Honey, sugar, dumpling, pumpkin, and sweetie pie are usually not referring to food.
    5. You know that good food is even better when combined with other good food to make a casserole.
    6. Talking to complete strangers in public is not weird – in fact, it’s just good manners.
    7. Speaking of manners, you were grounded multiple times as a kid for forgetting your “yes ma’am”s and “yes sir”s.
    8. Just because you asked for a pop doesn’t mean that you want an actual Coca-Cola. We meant Sprite, daggone it! Fine, we’d like a soda (it just doesn’t sound right).
    9. “You guys” and “you all” are just incorrect ways of saying “y’all.”
    10. You feel completely OK talking about someone, as long as you follow it with a heartfelt “bless their heart.”
    11. The squeak of a porch swing and the slam of a screen door will always make you feel at home.
    12. Sweet tea is the only kind of tea. Get out of here with your unsweetened crap.
    13. You’re able to orient yourself based on which church is on what corner.
    14. Summer nights as kid were spent catching lightning bugs (fireflies to the non-Southerner) in mason jars.
    15. Nowhere else in the country does biscuits better. And don’t even get us started on chicken biscuits. Sometimes you dream about them.
    16. You know that all BBQ is not created equal. Do NOT, under any circumstances, get Texas and Carolina BBQ confused.
    17. It’s not a purse, it’s a pocketbook.
    18. Backyard bonfires are your idea of a perfect nighttime get together.
    19. Fried chicken and waffles were sent from heaven straight to the South.
    20. You know that no matter where you are in the world, if you run into a fellow Southerner, you’ve got a true friend in them. Travel down south on your next assignment, you won’t be disappointed.  Ask your MNA Recruiter today what they have way down south.