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MNA Care Connect

Welcome to MNA CareConnect!

CareConnect is your one stop resource group at MNA Healthcare. We’d like to introduce you to the people who will be working for you and with you!

Placement Specialists aka Recruiters in the industry

As your primary contact at MNA Healthcare, your Placement Specialist will work with you to explore the endless opportunities offered by travel healthcare companies.  They help you to identify priorities and choose your assignments.  As the relationship between you and your placement specialist develops, you will come to rely on them to locate the right assignment and make certain your needs are met.

Housing Managers

For some travelers, housing is their highest priority.  MNA Healthcare, we make it one of our top priorities as well.  Our tenured housing managers are ready to meet your needs in a timely and efficient fashion.  When you are preparing for your assignment our managers are there to assist you in finding the best housing in the safest location near your assignment.  When you arrive to your destination (usually two days before your assignment starts), all you have to do is pick up your key, unpack, and begin to learn your way around town.

Payroll Specialists

We’re proud of being the best company in this area, and we work hard to make sure that you never have any problems with your paycheck.  You want it to be accurate and on time.  Our payroll specialists make sure that it is.  We also provide you with all the documents for taking advantage of tax deductions for housing, travel and meal expenses.  We will also direct deposit your paycheck , free of charge.

QA Specialists

We assign you a Quality Assurance Manager (QA) specialist as soon as you accept your first assignment.  They are human resource professionals who help our travelers meet compliance criteria for each assignment.  We will help you to get ready for your assignment, saving you valuable time and effort.

Benefits Experts 

The benefits package at MNA Healthcare is a complete program that meets your needs.  The difference at MNA Healthcare is the support we provide through our benefits experts.  These professionals will answer your questions about any of our programs, including referral programs as well as incentive programs.  Every team member is aware that you have your own needs that will benefit you so we work at this together to make sure you are comfortable with your decisions.

You can email the CareConnect team at careconnect@