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What happens when I fill out an application?


What happens when I fill out an application?

After you apply, your personal Placement Specialist will contact you to confirm your information. Once we’ve talked with you and learned more about what you’re looking for, we’ll begin looking for travel nursing jobs that best fit your specific needs. Then we will go over different opportunities that you are interested in which fits your background.  We will then present your completed application and profile to hospitals you’re interested.

If the hospital wants to go ahead with an interview, they will contact you directly most of the time.  Sometimes they will ask us to coordinate your schedule for the interview. If at any time a hospital or travel assignment doesn’t feel like a good fit, you should let your Placement Specialists know it is not a good fit and the reasons why so we can correct our search. We’ll keep looking until we find the perfect match.  Our systems will also take your information and skills checklist and will automatically notify you when jobs you may be interested in become available.