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Traveling with MNA Healthcare

Tell me about Travel Healthcare.

The most rewarding professional experience of your life is in your hands. Travel Healthcare with MNA Healthcare.

There are many reasons to travel with MNA Healthcare. Maybe you’d like to see a different part of the country … we have thousands of assignments in all 50 states. Do you want to work in a small rural facility or in a large teaching facility in a big city? Perhaps you’d like to gain experience in a research or home health setting. Maybe you’d just like to experience new places, try new restaurants, make new friends, or grow as a person and as a professional while earning top pay and benefits, living in great accommodations with incentive and reward programs.

MNA Healthcare can make all of this happen. We separate ourselves from the other travel companies by making sure you get what you want out of travel nursing. Our true feeling is:

“We Care for You, So You Can Care for Others” ™

If you are looking for life changing experiences, then travel nursing is the career path for you. Most travel assignments last 13 weeks, more than enough time to get to know your new home. You can extend your assignments if you feel you would like to stay longer. You select your assignment based on your needs. For example, maybe you want to live in a specific city or work at a certain facility. You may want to be close to family or you want to get to know a region as a possible new permanent home. Many of our travelers settle permanently in one of the cities first visited while on an assignment.

There are many benefits when traveling with MNA Healthcare. You may choose to elect subsidies for your housing and insurance. This gives you options to make more money while we take care of the details for you. We have incentive and bonus programs that offer cash bonuses and discounts important to traveling healthcare professionals.


Here are just some of the advantages of traveling with MNA healthcare:

COMPETITIVE pay rates Career development
Tax-free travel reimbursement New Friendships
Cash Bonuses Referral Bonuses
Reward Programs 24 Hour Care Connect
Luxury Housing / Subsidies Direct Deposit
Relocation Expenses Licensure Reimbursement
Relocation Reimbursements And more…

Is travel healthcare for you?

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