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Hi there! My name is Dale!

Hi there!

My name is Dale!


  I’m a team member of the MNA Healthcare Family.  In this BLOG we will  be navigating our way through the world of Travel Healthcare, including current opportunities, guidance  to the inns and outs, tips on finding the best assignments and some fun along the way. If you’d like to share your experiences with our audience you can reach me at:

Welcome to MNA Healthcare

When you travel with MNA Healthcare, you travel with friends

When you travel with MNA Healthcare, you receive personalized service you won’t find with any other travel nursing company.

At MNA healthcare, we understand what a healthcare professional looks for in a company. We do everything we can to make your travel career an enriching and rewarding one. How? Because of our industry-leading recruiters and service staff that work for you. They are dedicated professionals focused on the needs of each traveler. Their dedication to create a unique experience for each traveler makes MNA Healthcare stand out from other travel companies.

Whether you have a question about payroll, housing or your assignment facility, you can call a member of our staff and receive a prompt answer.